Required Courses

CLA 3020H = GS/HIST 6090 3.0, Research Methods in Ancient History

A mandatory half-course offered jointly by faculty in the two units; faculty members will offer instruction on their special areas of expertise. The course director will be the Director of the Collaborative Program. This course examines various different approaches to the study of Ancient Greek and Roman History, and provides an introduction to the techniques involved in handling different types of source material. Topics to be covered (depending on the availability of qualified instructors) include: ancient historiography; other literary genres as historical sources; palaeography and codicology; epigraphy; papyrology; numismatics; archaeology and iconography; quantification; Marxism; feminism; anthropology and ancient history, etc.

CLA 3200Y = GS/HIST 6091 6.0, Work in Progress in Ancient History

This non-credit work-in-progress seminar (graded CR/NCR; Pass/Fail), which meets roughly eight times a year, involves the presentation and discussion of research papers offered by faculty and students in the Collaborative Program, and by occasional visiting speakers. Students are required to participate in the seminar for at least two years and to present at least one research paper at it to fulfil Program requirements; it is recommended that students attend regularly throughout their time in the Program.